2020: We celebrate 70 years!

Dear readers,

With the start of 2020 we are not only welcoming a new decade, but also a year of very special anniversaries: Germany celebrates the 30th anniversary of reunification; the first Zeppelin airship, the LZ 1, embarked on its maiden flight 120 years ago; and the Zeppelin Group turns 70 years old. All wonderful reasons for celebration!  

Where do we come from?

As a foundation-owned company, we can trace our roots all the way back to aviation pioneer Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. His values, inventiveness and innovative spirit continue to shape the Zeppelin Group to this day. Zeppelin was founded in July 1950, as the successor company to Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH, under the name Metallwerke Friedrichshafen. The operation initially produced silos and metal containers in Friedrichshafen; from 1954 it grew to include service and sales for Caterpillar construction machinery and engines, and from there it continued to expand its offering on an international scale. 70 years of Zeppelin means 70 years of success; 70 years full of exciting personalities and their stories, which have shaped our company over the years and continue to do so today.

How will we celebrate our anniversary?

This blog! To tell you more about Zeppelin’s company history, we have compiled a collection of interesting, informative and exciting stories about the Zeppelin Group, with the theme of: “Grafen of yesterday, today and tomorrow”. Experience Zeppelin anew, take a look behind the scenes and see what surprises are in store! 

So be sure to keep checking this blog to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments. It’s well worth it; watch this space!

WE are Zeppelin. With history, we build the future. #weare70

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