2020: Our “Grafensätze”

In the Zeppelin Group, people with very different life plans are working together to find solutions every single day. We differ in nationality, age, training and function. Our diversity is our strength! However different we are as individuals, it is our values that shape and determine our work together. Shared values are important, because they act as points of reference. They create identification, stimulate developments, and focus on common aims.

In 2010, the Group Management Board commissioned a working party made up of employees from all the business units, and tasked it with describing these corporate values. A working party that was outstandingly successful in highlighting just what is so special about Zeppelin corporate culture. At the heart of this Zeppelin system of values are ten “Grafensätze”. They link our unique company history and the values actively lived by Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin to the culture practiced in the Group today.

Learn more about our “Grafensätze” and the core values of the Zeppelin group:

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