2018: Zeppelin’s Corporate Design – Unmistakably immersed in the digital age

Do you know what Zeppelin’s logo looked like in the 1950s or 1960s? And do you know what the figurative mark in our corporate logo stands for?

Zeppelin has always placed equal importance on looking ahead to the future and respecting tradition. Thus, our history is also reflected in the way our corporate design has changed in the course of the years – however, we always kept our Group’s roots in mind.  

While the name “Zeppelin” has been a part of the logo in the 1970s and again starting from the 1990s, our service promise “We Create Solutions” was only added in 2013.

In times of increasing digitalization, we decided to modernize our corporate image and launched a new figurative mark and new corporate design in December 2018. Indigo is our new key color – replacing the former grey. Together with the figurative mark which we added, our new logo greatly enhances the Group’s brand recognition and the new color scheme helps to set us apart from our competitors! The logo symbolizes the diversity of solutions, sites, and companies within the Zeppelin Group, and unites them under a standard, multi-company Corporate Design umbrella. Two enclosing elements that together make a “Z” for Zeppelin form the figurative mark and represent connectedness and unity. immersed in the digital age.

The “Zeppelin” lettering itself, which we have been using almost unchanged since the 1970s, and the “We Create Solutions” corporate tagline – an important part of Zeppelin’s identity – remained unchanged, paying respect to our roots.

Have a look how Zeppelin’s Corporate Design changed in the course of the years:

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