2020: WE love food!

Did you know that we love food besides from construction machines? And that Zeppelin is one of the global market leaders in food technology? Our customers appreciate our know-how in all raw material handling like material acceptance, storage, discharge, conveying, processing, dosing, mixing and controlling. And with the help of our engineering, machinery, equipment and plants, they produce a range of food that varies from fresh baked goods, cereals, pasta, spices, instant drinks to dairy products and pet food.

When we started loving food

How it all started out? In 2009, Zeppelin took over Reimelt Henschel GmbH (from MBB Industries AG) which, already then, was one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plants and machinery for the handling of raw materials in the food and chemicals industries. (Before that, already two other companies – the Mixing Technology Division of Henschel Industrietechnik, Kassel, and the Chemical Technology Division of Reimelt GmbH, Rödermark – had merged their business activities to Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme GmbH in 2004).

The timing of the acquisition – in the middle of the economic crisis in 2009 – might have been surprising, but not the decision itself: Reimelt Henschel’s product range was an ideal strategic complement to the Zeppelin Group’s industrial section (which later on would become the Plant Engineering strategic business unit). Zeppelin was already among the technology leaders in the fields of storing, conveying, blending, weighing and dosing of high quality bulk solids for the plastics producer and processor industry as well as for the chemical and rubber industry. Already back then, Zeppelin has been running the biggest test center in the world for powder and pellets in Friedrichshafen/Germany. Thus, the takeover represented a logical step in the company’s growth strategy characterized by expanding its fields of activity, as it opened up new markets. Especially the food sector offered the opportunity of sustained global growth because of the rising demand and ever more efficient production facilities.

Reimelt Henschel had positioned itself as a technological and market leader for plants for the food and pharmaceutical industry, being an established producer of mixers for PVC processing.

Codos NT © Zeppelin GmbH

What we do with our beloved food

Today, Zeppelin offers a variety of products and solutions for the food industry. Codos NT, our dough mixing and kneading system, for example, ensures constant dough quality for bakery products. So, you want to know more about our product selection? Then please click here.

How the results of our food look like

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