2020: Zeppelin Home Run – Zeppeliners create solutions!

Do you want to know how Zeppeliners create solutions? And how an ad-hoc idea can evolve into a campaign where Zeppeliners from all over the world participate? In May 2020, Zeppeliner Michael Schröder, Commercial Head of Branch at Zeppelin Baumaschinen in Illingen (Germany), planned to join the company run in Munich, but due to COVID-19 the run was cancelled. So, he asked himself what to do? How can a company run look like during Corona?

An idea came to his mind during breakfast: Why not running from home and tracking the route via GPS? And why not combining a company run with a charity project? Michael Schröder posted a rough vision of the run on the intranet and the feedback of the Zeppeliners was overwhelming! After his post, an online community was set up, and that was the birth of a true Zeppelin project: The Zeppelin Home Run! 

Michael Schröder, Initiator of the 1st “Zeppelin Home Run”, 2020

On your marks, get set, go!

The Zeppelin Home Run took place from 8 until 14 June, 2020. During that period, every Zeppeliner worldwide was invited to run, walk, cycle or even hike a route and upload it via GPS-tracking with some pictures. To combine the run with a charity project, every participant was invited to donate a start fee to „Home from Home Germany“, a non-profit organization that Zeppelin has been supporting for many years. The organization works for a better future for children in need. Since 2006, they have been helping the „Home from Home“ organization, founded in 2005 in Kapstadt (South Africa), with donations and direct on-site help. „Home from Home“ provides orphans and abused children with a home. Foster parents take care of the children and the children are encouraged in their development through a wide range of offers.

The success story of the Zeppelin Home Run

What started out with an ad-hoc idea developed into a great Zeppelin campaign: All in all, 95 Zeppeliners from 35 different locations in seven countries participated, including Armenia, China, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and Germany. In total, all participants ran 3,896 kilometers – a route that correspondents to the go and return from Friedrichshafen (Germany) to St. Petersburg (Russia). In total, 1,700 euros were donated to „Home from Home“ in South Africa. Due to COVID-19, the donations are used for masks, disinfectants, thermometers, gloves, protective cloaks, family trainings on precautionary and hygienic measures, technical equipment for the houses to continue home schooling in case of a lockdown, as well as trainings for foster mothers in case of an infection.

To conclude, the Zeppelin Home Run was a big success and is another great example that Zepperliners create solutions and stick together, even in tough times!

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