Idea management: Our award winners 2020

Everything starts with an idea….

You want to know how the Zeppelin Group promotes the creativity and ingenuity of its employees? And how innovation looks like within Zeppelin? “Z IDEA” is the name of the global idea management at Zeppelin. And we know that the knowledge and innovative spirit of our employees is crucial for our long-term success. Zeppeliners know best how processes can be simplified, where there is potential for savings or which creative ideas are needed to strengthen our competitiveness. Therefore, we present awards for sparking ideas and innovative solutions that are submitted in Z IDEA once a year.

In 2019, Zeppelin received 590 innovative ideas from 9 different countries including Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. In total, thirteen Z IDEAs have been awarded. You want to know more about it? We present you our Z IDEA award winners 2020 and their great Z IDEAs in our picture gallery. Enjoy!

Our Z IDEA award winners 2020 at a glance

Manuel Melzer

Manuel Melzer reduced costs in warehouse logistics. Great job!

Lyudmyla Kovyrzina

Lyudmyla Kovyrzina replaced disposable plastic tableware in the office in Kiev with an organic one. WE love nature!

Simon Husemann

Simon Husemann created a bilateral database for product advantages. Great idea!

Jörg Braun

Jörg Braun improved the fastening of the wall cladding in prefabricated room cells. Great idea!

Aleksey Gerasimenko

Aleksey Gerasimenko developed a button to check the availability of spare parts in warehouses in service plants. We Create Solutions!

Markus Hug

Thanks to Markus Hug, bending programs are called up using a barcode. WE are digital!

Leo Weltsch and Jan Straßburger

Leo Weltsch and Jan Straßburger optimized the lock production with steam heating. We Create Solutions!

Peter Bauer and Kurt Neumaier

Peter Bauer and Kurt Neumaier installed separate antennas and receivers within the Earthwork 3D control system at the next gen CAT dozer. Thank you for this idea!

Nikolay Rykov

Nikolay Rykov solved a problem that many mechanics face when servicing bulldozers: He proposed to replace the fastening element of the segment with the leading sprocket of the on-board transmission. Great job!

From left to right: Myroslava Yudanova, Ivan Oleksiichuk, Evgen Osmak & Maria Popovich

Myroslava Yudanova created a database of customs declarations for the import of spare parts. With her Z IDEA, Zeppelin saves up to 30,000 paper sheets per year. WE are digital!

Ivan Oleksiichuk ensured that the PCs in the Kiev branch were updated overnight, outside working hours. This saves valuable working time! Great!

Fabian Greulich

Fabian Greulich proposed a quick-fit coupling for the swivel angle sensor of the current CAT excavator series 320-326F / Next Generation. In itself a valuable benefit for customers. Yet, the idea was rejected because the number of quick-change systems with electrical feed-through is increasing so that the use of the mounting bracket is not necessary.

Andreas Häuber

Andreas Häuber pushed ahead with the consolidation of container deliveries of exhaust aftertreatment systems (CEM) from the USA. Thanks for this idea!

We thank all Zeppeliners for their commitment, passion and ingenuity – thank you that you are on board! And thank you, for making us better every day! WE are Zeppelin! 

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