1950: a guidance for CAT machine operators – as a comic!

Can you imagine how manuals and handbooks looked like in the 1950’s? In times without YouTube-tutorials or other webinars? If not, then don’t miss out on this real treasure we found for you: To guide the workers through the handling of different construction machines, Caterpillar Inc. designed an operator’s handbook in 1950 that looks like a comic! What appears to be a story about Indiana Jones going on adventures turns out to be a professional manual. And we have one copy of it in excellent shape! In this blog post, we’ve prepared some pages for you to grasp the true caterpillar nostalgia!

Operator’s Handbook, 1950 © Caterpillar Inc.

Want to get the full Caterpillar nostalgia? You can download the handbook as a PDF here. Have fun reading!

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