2020: WE ARE COLOURFUL! Zeppelin has signed the Charter of Diversity

Diversity and equal opportunities at Zeppelin

We rely on diverse personalities, because only a colourful mix of people with different knowledge, age, background and gender helps us to reflect better, act more creatively and make smarter decisions! Because only when diverse teams work well together, respecting every point of view and promoting every potential, real added value is created – for Zeppelin and all the Zeppelin employees!

“Equal opportunities and diversity go hand in hand at Zeppelin: only the interaction of a high diversity of experiences and perspectives of all Zeppelin employees leads to new approaches, open thought processes and sustainable solutions”, says initiator and Zeppelin Group Labor Director Alexandra Mebus.

Charter of Diversity & “WE ARE COLOURFUL”- action week

That’s why we have signed the Charter of Diversity, a German employer initiative to promote diversity in companies. What does the signature mean for Zeppelin? The signing of the Charter of Diversity marks the start of further strategic and target group-specific actions and measures relating to diversity management at Zeppelin. By signing the Charter of Diversity, Zeppelin has consciously made a voluntary commitment to specifically promote diversity and appreciation. Zeppelin is an international company and is active in more than 43 countries and regions around the world with more than 220 local sites. “With our diverse product portfolio and the variety of our workforce, we want to create the best solutions for our customers”, says Zeppelin Group Labor Director Alexandra Mebus.

Of course, the signing of the Charter of Diversity was a reason for us to celebrate! Therefore, every Zeppelin employee around the world was invited to take part in our “WE ARE COLOURFUL”- action week from October 26 through 29, 2020. In various virtual presentations, workshops and quizzes the participants learned more about diversity as a success factor.

WE are Zeppelin! WE ARE COLOURFUL!

Michael Heidemann, Vice Chairman of the Management Board, and Alexandra Mebus, Zeppelin Group Labor Director with the signed Charter of Diversity © Zeppelin Group

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