1960s: How to maintain Caterpillar track-type tractors

Can you imagine how manuals and handbooks looked like back in the 1960’s? We digged through our archives and found a real treasure for you: To guide the workers through the maintenance of D9, D8 and D7 track-type tractors, Caterpillar Inc. designed a guide in the 1960s that looks like a comic. And we have a copy of it in very good condition! In this blog post, we’ve prepared some pages for you to get the true Caterpillar nostalgia.

Caterpillar Maintenance Guide, 1960s © Caterpillar Inc.

You can download the handbook also as a PDF here. Enjoy!

Further information:

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  1. Interesting! to learn there is a long partnership with Caterpillar. do you design and manufacture Control Systems; Gear assembles, Control & differentials and Software Systems.
    What is Zeppelins’ outlook for Green Energy-efficient.
    What has your Labs research on 2H 2H2

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