The month of July: a special month for airships and the Zeppelin Group

The month of July has an important meaning: Not only for airship construction but for the Zeppelin Group.

On 2 July 1900, LZ 1, the first airship built by Graf Zeppelin took off on its first test flight over Lake Constance. The Zeppelin became a symbol of technical progress. Count Zeppelin’s vision, his energy and pioneering spirit were the foundation for many technical inventions, innovations and businesses that developed in the following years. His spirit is still alive today: Zeppelin – We Create Solutions!

Join us on a short trip with the first airship – in an animated video that outlines the history of former Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH between 1900 and 1937. (The tone is German, but there are English subtitles).

Another historic event took place in the month of July: On 22 July 1950, the contract that forms the basis for the Zeppelin Group in its current form was signed (although the registration of the company in the commercial register was only completed in October 1950). Back in 1950, Zeppelin was still named “Metallwerk Friedrichshafen”. Find out more with the links below.

Further information:

1900: Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin and his vision of an airship

1950: Metalwork and technical expertise – foundation of the Zeppelin Group

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