2020: What makes us unique?

What makes Zeppelin as a company unique? And what differentiates us from competitors? Our promise to customers is that “We Create Solutions” – and that’s the attitude we take into any challenge! But what do we exactly mean by this?

Off-the-shelf solutions do not satisfy us. Our diverse portfolio of innovative products and services, our problem-solving ability, as well as our Group-wide collaboration across borders and business units allows us to be a one-stop shop for solutions for every customer.

In other words: We see complex requirements not as a problem, but as a challenge. And we love to turn challenges into solutions! That is what we stand for and what makes us unique!

We – This means that every individual as well as all Zeppelin employees as a whole are responsible for translating our mission statement into practice. We act across departments, legal entities and countries in the interests of our customers.

Create – We plan, organize, shape, repair, calculate, analyze, manufacture, process and advise. Individually, considerately and reliably – for every customer.

Solutions – We find sustainable solutions for our customers. This increases customer satisfaction and in the end our own success.


… are integrity and excellence! They define the principles we follow in dealing responsibly with our colleagues, customers, service providers and partners. They are also an important factor in the success of our company. But what do we exactly mean with these terms?


Integrity signifies that our employees – as ambassadors for our culture – live values such as fairness, and transparency with respect to compliance, and they put these values into practice in their day-to-day work.


By excellence, we mean that our employees are reliable and dynamic partners for our customers. They recognize the needs of our customers and, with their wide-ranging knowledge of our prod­ucts and services, are able to deliver outstanding solutions.


What do we mean with GPS strategy? Our success is based on the GPS strategy that stands for growth, performance, and stability. The common goal is to keep all these aspects in balance and to expand them further.


Based on established business models and new, future-oriented business areas, the company’s range of services is constantly expanded in order to safeguard its competitiveness.


Zeppeliners recognize their customer’s needs, use their skills in a targeted way, and offer perfectly tailored solutions.


Weighing up opportunities and risks in decision-making processes creates an environment that offers long-term stability, thereby safeguarding the company’s sustainability.

Further information:

Have you ever heard about our ten Grafensätze? They combine our unique company history and the values exemplified by Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin with the culture practiced in the Group today.

2020: Our Grafensätze

Zeppelin’s mission statement

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