2002: Full speed ahead with MaK engines

Have you ever wondered how many ships there are in the world? As of January 2018, the number exceeded 50,000!*

And did you know that a number of these vessels are powered by marine applications from Zeppelin and Caterpillar? Hidden in the ships’ bellies, MaK propulsion systems, manufactured in Kiel and Rostock (Germany) make the journey of large cruise vessels, container vessels, or special-purpose seagoing vessels possible.

Where does MaK come from?

You wonder what MaK stands for and how it fits into Zeppelin’s world?

Well, MaK is short for Maschinenbau Kiel (machine construction Kiel), a company that was founded in Germany in 1948 (though there were several predecessor companies), specializing in the construction of diesel engines.

In the course of the years, the company belonged to different corporate groups, but in 1997 was acquired by Caterpillar who wanted to enlarge their engine portfolio.

Caterpillar and Zeppelin, successfully cooperating since 1954, knew that they also were the perfect fit in the field of marine applications and propulsion systems. Thus, it was a logical consequence that Zeppelin acquired the MaK distribution and service business from Caterpillar in 2002.

MaK engines © Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH, Felix Gänsicke

The birth of Zeppelin Power Systems

In order to lift synergies and to further optimize the distribution and service of all engines and propulsion systems, Zeppelin integrated their MaK and Caterpillar engine businesses into one company – Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH – at the beginning of 2007. Being such a well-renowned brand, the label MaK is used up to date.

What is so special about MaK?

MaK engines are designed for optimized fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions, even in heavy oil mode. Thanks to these benefits, the MaK brand is of considerable significance for clients with cruise, ferry, freight, inland waterway ships, offshore, tug and salvage, fishing, government, and dredging operations.

The MaK product line includes main propulsion engines from 1,020 to 16,800 kW and generator sets from 979 to 16,111 kWe.

When it comes to MaK engines, Zeppelin services its customers in 32 countries worldwide. In addition to high performance and efficiency, Caterpillar MaK engines offer another valuable benefit: Caterpillar’s worldwide dealer network. With Caterpillar dealers at over 1,800 locations, spare parts and professional product support are available 24/7 and all over the world.

* Source: statista.com

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